I don't know if you have seen the advertisements for all the meal kits you can have delivered here in Amarillo. I don't know if you have a family of four, two, or if it is just you. I am trying to eat healthy and lose a little bit more weight.

So with that I am cleaning up my eating habits. Over the weekend I saw tons of advertisements on Facebook trying to help me choose the next company to order from. One of the was called "Clean Eatz". I have already tried this one. No, I have not had it delivered to my house. I haven't gone that route yet. I encountered this when I was shopping at Drug Emporium.

They have that Vitamins Plus section of their store. There you can get all sorts of healthy things for you. This includes the "Clean Eatz" line.

Their packages have this saying:

Clean Eatz was founded to empower our customers through fitness, lifestyle and nutrition choices. By purchasing this product, we hope to help you take the first step toward living a healthier lifestyle!

It is a single serving meal so it is a perfect grab and go to bring to work. They have so many different varieties of meals. All good for you. All healthy. If you are one that finds yourself driving through for lunch or having something delivered this may be a great option. Especially if your hopes are to eat a bit on the healthier side.

The one I grabbed the other day was The Arnold Bowl. It is steak, green peppers and mushrooms over brown rice with mozzarella cheese and clean eatz buffalo sauce. It only has 390 calories, 14 grams of fat, 38 grams of carbs and 28 grams of protein. So a great meal for those of us trying to eat healthy.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The great thing is if you order online it will cost you $7.99 per meal with free shipping. If you head over to Drug Emporium the meals will only cost you $6.99. Oh and the variety is great.

You can check out their website and online options HERE.

When I say they have a variety. I mean they have a variety. At least 3 freezers full. Sometimes i have a hard time limiting my choices. All I have to do is stock my freezer at home full of these. Each morning I grab one and bring it to work. I know I then have a healthy but yet delicious meal waiting for me in the freezer at work.


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