Amarillo has a lot of great restaurants and it is only great news when we hear of new ones joining out great city. Growth and new choices can only mean good things.
So as I was scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw a new place coming that really excited me. I love the idea of a place that on the regular serves seafood boils. I love seafood of all kinds but I prefer the non breaded and fried kind. Nothing wrong with fried’s good but I love me a great seafood boil.
So I saw an announcement for a new place called “Hook & Reel”. It will be located in Bell Plaza at 45th and Bell.
credit: Coldwell Bankers Facebook Page
credit: Coldwell Bankers Facebook Page
Looking over their menu HERE there is a lot of variety. You can get your fried seafood dishes and pasta if that is what you want. They also have sliders....including a catfish slider dish which does sound good.
Oh but their variety when it comes to seafood boils really has me excited. You can choose one of their boils on their menu or create your own.
You can choose two different types of crab legs, clams, crawfish, mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari, lobster tail or even a whole lobster. All boils come with potatoes and corn.
You also get to choose your sauce. Including Cajun, plain, garlic butter, lemon pepper, Old Bay or Hook & Reel Special Blend.
Your boil can be as tame or spicy as you would want. You can start with mild, spicy or work your way up to fire. I would try the fire please.

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