The year that just keeps on giving has struck again. We started with all of our events being cancelled due to covid. We then welcomed in the Murder Hornets. We just keep wondering what else could this year possibly have for us?

Then here it comes. The mystery seeds. So you get to the mailbox and you see a weird package. It is from China. In fact if you ever order from the company Wish it is exactly what it looks like. Why? Because like Wish these packages are also coming from China.

Then you open it up and it's seeds. You think "what could be the harm in these?" A lot actually. Since we don't know what the seeds are the USDA is warning against opening up the packages at all. You are being encourage to report it if you get one.

They don't even recommend that you throw them out. That can still cause issues. They have been popping up all over the country. Even here in the great stat of Texas. So you need to keep an eye out.

The problem is since we have no idea what these seeds are it could open up our agriculture to a world of hurt. It could be weeds that can take down our ecosystem. We do have certain bugs and plants here that keep our system working. There is a method to what we grow here.

Another answer is that it could also, though, be something as simple as a scam that they are trying to freak us out.

So what do you do if you end up with a package like this in the mail? You need to take photos of the label. The more information we have the better. Definitely keep the package sealed. If you are not expecting a package from China, don't open it. It's as simple as that.

The next step is to send an email to USDA-APHIS' Texas PPQ state operations coordinator Carol Motloch. You can reach her HERE. Then just wait for a response back of what needs to be done.

The last thing we want in 2020 are seeds that can cause environmental and economic harm. Not knowing what these seeds actually are could destroy our own native crops. They could also end up harming our livestock. So do not open, do not plant, and do not throw away.



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