We all know the feeling. The alarm blares...it is early in the morning. Which person are you?

Are you one that snoozes? Or are you one that has several alarms set at different times to get you up?

Or are you that 3rd type who pretty much gets up with that first alarm? Maybe you don't jump right out of bed....but you certainly don't go back to sleep.

Which person are you when the alarm wakes you up?

I will admit that I am that third person. I have one alarm set (and yes the picture is of the time I wake up in the morning). I get up....after I check my phone...and Facebook and a few sites...but I never go back to bed.

I have had this discussion with Jamey and he is definitely a snoozer. His clock doesn't even show the real time...he always has to ask what time it really is.

Some people can get right up....some can't. Which side are you on? Comment your snoozing habits below.

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