Of course we are coming off of what has to be the most stressful year ever. Even if you managed to make it through with your job we all still had things that stressed us out. We worried about us or a family member getting sick.

We worried about our jobs regardless. This year we couldn't really count on anything being status quo. We worried about events we had coming up. There were birthdays, weddings, vacations among other things that had to cancel, reschedule or just looked different.

We hopefully learned in 2020 to enjoy the little things and maybe in the future plan a little better. What are some of the things that weigh a lot on our minds? What causes us to stress and how can we make it better?

With our jobs and learning to live a little frugal we still worried a lot about living paycheck to paycheck. A lot of people saw their hours being cut. That in turn leads to smaller paychecks. We still had bills. Hopefully in the future we will abide by that advice to have savings for at  least three months of bills. That would be a good start.

My daughter waited tables and her theory was always "hey if I need extra money I will pick up an extra shift or two." That was not an option in 2020. In fact, she didn't work from March until November when she changed careers. So sometimes you just have to punt and change. She does know the value of having that money saved and was thankful that she did.

We stressed about politics and the state of our country. This has been a very tumultuous year. Hopefully we have learned to turn the television off and check out from social media. Why do so many people get so angry over things we can't control? It doesn't change anything but our blood pressure.

Most of our stresses have been all politics and money. Let's get better at letting some things go and keeping some money saved. We will be much better at sleeping at night.

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