We made it through the Super Bowl without having to worry about this shortage. Now officially another item will be missing from the store shelves in Amarillo. This one will not only hurt our Amarillo stomachs but all of the US.

Leave Me My Avocados

I am talking about the ban on Avocado's being imported to the US. This one hurts. Yes, I eat pasta. That has been hard to come by. Of course I eat ramen. That was a staple of my pantry for most of my life.

I know I have plenty of packages on my pantry shelf right now. I though am worried because I have one lone Avocado waiting for me at home. One. Oh and I love me some avocados. In fact it is not unusual for me to cut one open and just eat. I don't have to have a recipe. I don't have to have guacamole. I am not against either of those.

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I just love me a lot of avocados. I don't even know if the one I have at home is still good. Oh and that will hurt me even more if I have to throw that one away. I don't know if I can actually do that.

I am not going to run to the store and buy all the avocados I can find up and bring them home. What is the sense? That will mean even more that will go bad and I will have to toss or find a way to eat them all up.

I just know that this is the shortage I will notice at the stores. I always buy a bag of them when I am at Market Street. We want to keep our people safe and I get that. This is just a mess. Let's work this all out.

Let our guacamole flow.

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