As a mother of a 9-year old, I have had s to plan 9 parties and I  have attended many birthday parties.  Over the years, I have researched the birthday party scene and the following are my picks for the best places to have your kids birthday party.


Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - Discovery Center


Don Harrington Discovery Center - I would have never thought of the Discovery Center for a birthday party if Ethan had not been invited to a Discovery Center Party.  The kids were allowed to enjoy all the great Discovery Center Exhibits.   Ethan's favorite is the bubble section, where you can create giant bubbles, or even encase yourself in a bubble.  He also loved the special Space Theater show designed especially for the birthday boys/girls.

The Discovery Center offers two birthday packages, each package includes 2 hours of fun, a birthday room and the kids get to enjoy all the Discovery Center Exhibits,  plus, a special Space Theater show.   Packages start at $125 for non members and $100 for members.

 Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - Mr. Gatti's


Mr. Gatti's - Kids love to eat pizza, then throw in and all you can eat pizza buffet and games and you have the perfect party for your child.  Mr. Gatti's is Ethan's favorite place to eat because he gets to choose what kind of pizza he gets off their buffet and watch cartoons in the big cartoon room and once we eat we always go have fun in the game room.  Ethan's loves the arcade games and the bowling games, he refuses to play air hockey with me because I always win.  H  So what is a weekend treat for us, could be an awesome birthday party for your child.

Mr. Gatti's has several packages to choose from for any budget.  Packages start off with the Bronze Package ($8.99), followed by Silver and Gold.  Each package includes All You can Eat Buffet, Party Room, Game Play, Invitations and more.  The Game room inside Mr. Gatti's is pretty cool.  They all sorts of arcade, games, a carousel, a miniature ride on train, bowling, and bumper cars.  You earn tickets for each game you play then turn the tickets in for a prize.

Best Places for KIDS Birthday Party - Grasshoppers Bounce and Party House

Grasshoppers -What kid doesn't love to bounce and jump and have a lot of fun.  We used to have another place in Amarillo where Ethan loved to go and play and have birthday parties but it went out of business so thank goodness Grasshoppers came in and filled that void.

Parties at Grasshoppers start off at $100 and include 90 minutes in the party area, a Character to help with the party, 20 Unlimited hop passes.  You bring your own food and decorations.  They set up the area and clean up.

Best Places for KIDS Birthday Party - Donut Stop

Photo courtesy of Lori
Photo courtesy of Lori

Donut Stop - It's a birthday party with donuts!  Nearly every kid loves a donut. And 9 times out of 10 they chose the cherry donut with sprinkles.  The Donut Stop offers and awesome birthday party package.

Ethan has his birthday party at Donut Stop this year and it was awesome.  They set up the tables with balloons and plates and it's cute.  Each child gets donut holes and a drink.  They then get to decorate their own donut with icing and sprinkles.  Then the best thing, the big giant donut that serves as the cake.  The birthday boy or girl gets to decide the flavor and whether they want sprinkles or not.  The price - $7 per child.  This has got to be one of the most reasonably priced places to have a birthday party.


Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - brush with art


Brush With Art - If you have a child who is crafty or loves to paint then you can have their birthday party at Brush With Art.  Ethan went to a birthday party here and came home with a beautiful hand print  plate that he painted himself.   Not only did he create something beautiful but he had a blast painting and creating.

Parties start off at a minimum of 8 children.    You get a party room and kids get to chose what they want to paint off the party shelves.  They provide the paper goods and clean up after the party.  The great thing about this type of party.  Your child and your child's friends get to take home a memory.

Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - Western Bowl


Western Bowl - When you think of birthday parties you might not think of bowling, but it is the perfect birthday party.  Ethan had the privileged of being invited to a birthday party here recently and he loved bowling.  It was his very first time so he was super excited.  When you are thinking for a great party for your child a bowling party is a great idea and it isn't just for older kids or adults.  The younger kids love it as well.  If you have small children, a bowling party is still perfect because Western Bowl can put up the bumpers so the kids won't have to worry about gutter balls all the time. Your child can compete against their friends and see who can get the first strike.

Packages at Western Bowl start out at $94.50 for a party of 8, which includes shoe rental, one hour of bowling time and one hour of party time, and prices move up the bigger party you want.

Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - WTAMU pool


WTAMU Indoor Pool - My child has a January birthday so having a pool party was out of the question, unless we wanted little ice cube children.  A friend told us about the West Texas A&M University Swimming Pool and how you can rent it out for parties.  The great thing is, it is an indoor swimming pool.  The pool has a lazy river, a slide and a vortex pool.

Pool Rental starts off $100 for 1/2 hour and $200 for 1 hour.  For reservation information click here.

For Summertime Birthdays

Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - Wonderland

Wonderland Park - Wonderland Park in Amarillo has something for everyone! From the bouncer kiddie rides to the stomach churning double loop Texas Tornado roller coaster. This is a great place for a child's birthday party, but you better be ready to make an entire day out of it! You can get a great group rate for 15 or more people that starts out at $14 per person.

Best Place For KIDS Birthday Party  - Splash Kingdom Water Park

Splash Kingdom Water Park Amarillo - If you like lazy rivers and a monster wave pool then you have got to throw your party at Splash Amarillo. From toddlers to teenagers, your kid is going to have a blast. Super fast water slide and tubing around the lazy river make this water park a blast for all ages!

Packages -The party package starts out at $269 for 8 kids. The package includes 8 general admission tickets, 2 pitchers of drinks, 8 chicken strip meals, a party tent and party pro for 45 minutes and a cookie cake.

This is just a small list of great places to have a kid's birthday party in Amarillo. Let us know your favorites in the comment section below!

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