So the good thing about the pandemic this year is that a lot of things have slowed down a bit. For some that is really good. We have been able to spend more time with our family.

A lot of the hustle and the bustle we face every school year was a little slower this year too. So now here we are in the holiday season. What will it look like? A lot of people are slowing down here too. We may not be travelling this year. We may have decided to not go so crazy with the gifts this year either. A lot of people are going the gift card route. Which I have always been a fan of anyway.

We may be having a lot less stress this holiday season. This time of year you are usually faced with a lot of holiday parties too. That looks like those aren't going to happen. So if you are not a fan of the parties this could be a lot less stress on you as well.

I know my Christmas is going to be a lot slower too. I will be traveling to visit my daughter. Does that mean I will have more or less stress? I feel it will be less for me too. I mean I probably won't put up the tree this year. I won't worry about pulling out all my Christmas decorations. I mean if we won't be in my living room opening up presents why?

That doesn't mean she won't want us to buy her a little tree for her living room. It still will be a lot easier. Dinner may be a little more work because I will hope I have all the pots and pans we will need but it will be much smaller.

So everyone's Christmas is going to look a lot different. For a lot of us that means a lot less stress.

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