Let's face it your house may be over run or is going to be overrun with Halloween Candy.  Now we all know no one needs that much candy in their house.  So when it comes to and overload of Halloween Candy, we have some great uses for the left over candy.

Closet snacking close-up
  • 1

    Sell Your Left Over Candy

    Did you know that Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry does a candy buy back every single year?  They will buy your candy.  It's $2 per pound up to 3 pounds.

    CLICK HERE for the info

  • 2

    Make and Incredible Dessert

    Use your left over candy and make a delicious dessert.

  • 3

    Save Candy for an Awesome Gingerbread House

    Don't throw it away, save it for a Christmasy Day and use it to decorate an amazing gingerbread house.

  • 4

    Take It To Work

    Candy in the break room!  Score!  Let's face it our co-workers will put that candy away in no time, and you'll be the hero for bringing the left over chocolate.

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