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If you have been following the wild case of Billy Ivy Jr and understand it all kudos to you. I follow a lot of murder mysteries and this one has so much to follow. It has all the tales of murder and missing people right here in Amarillo.

What we do know is Billy Ivy Jr was confirmed dead by Potter County’s Brian Thomas. He was found alone and unresponsive in his cell this morning (9/16). This brings more questions and maybe no new answers. We were hoping for those to come out in the trial.

Billy was arrested for Capital Murder by Remuneration in the death of Charlesetta Telford and her unborn child back in May. So he was in custody when his death happened.

Then there was a missing lady, Nicole Moore, presumed dead. She went missing from the Toys R Us parking lot around Christmas in 2016. He was arrested for that one too. Capital Murder by Terror/Threat or another felony. Her body has never been located. The death penalty was going to be sought against him.

There have been several other casts of characters and it’s really kind of hard to follow. I, for one, need a playbook. There have been a few murder-for-hire attempts as well. This is quite the case and is definitely one that needs to be made into a movie or some kind of special. I’m just waiting for Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours, or The Investigation Discovery Channel to go ahead and pick this one up.

What are your thoughts about the whole thing? Let us know!

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