A New York restaurant recently added 'breakfast ravioli' to its menu. LaRina Pastificio & Vino is offering Black Pepper Raviolone, with bacon, poached eggs and smoked spaghetti carbonara. For non-meat eaters, Chef John Fraser is rolling out vegetarian and meat-free breakfast raviolis. So what are the most popular breakfast foods?  According to the Huffington Post, here are the 15 most popular breakfast foods:

  1. Breakfast Sandwich. This could be a combo of many different things. But typically, when I think of breakfast sandwich, I think of the Egg McMuffin.
  2. Eggs Benedict.  To difficult to make in my opinion.
  3. Breakfast Sausage.  I prefer the link sausage.
  4. Donuts.  Duh.
  5. Cinnamon Rolls.  Nothing beats Cinnabon!
  6. Biscuits and Gravy.  Should be number one in my opinion.
  7. Bagel and Cream Cheese
  8. Pancakes. Should be number 2.
  9. Bacon.  Okay, this should be number 1.
  10. French Toast.
  11. Breakfast Burrito. Chorizo and eggs, please!
  12. Buttered Toast.
  13. Waffles. This should be higher.
  14. Huevos Rancheros.  Another one that should be ranked higher.
  15. Croissants.

Overall, a solid list.

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