I know I heard it a lot growing up. Make sure you eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. Do you remember being told that too?

I mean to me I was taught that your body is like a car. You spend all night sleeping (like the car in a garage) and when you wake up your body needs the fuel to get you going. It makes sense. It really does.

So even if you drive thru Chick Fil A on Georgia and grab a chicken biscuit to start off your morning you are doing great. A great meal and a happy stomach.

So I always would get up and have breakfast. It may not have always been breakfast foods...but I had breakfast. So what about you? Do you tend to eat breakfast or not? There was a survey done recently and mom is not going to like it one bit.

I guess this makes sense since intermittent fasting has become a lot more popular. Intermittent fasting is when you have periods of fasting mixed in with periods of when you can it. It seems that when you are fasting it seems to be easier skipping the meal once you wake up....then skipping the one later in the day.

All I know is mom is not going to be too thrilled with these results.

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