Center City has come up with a great way to make Amarillo more festive and for the last few years they have asked Amarillo business owners to decorate the Hoof Print horses in front of their businesses.

Deck the Herd is what they call this Christmas contest and it's a super cute way for businesses to earn bragging rights and a award just for decorating their Hoof Prints horse for Christmas.

How do you vote?

Just go to their Facebook post below, and hit like on your favorite horse and the one with the most votes wins.   It's that simple.

It's amazing the creativity that goes into decorating these horses. The are festive and it's fun and a great way to celebrate Christmas.

In fact we told you about St. Nicholas is Ridiculous, well, Santa helped win this contest for the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce a few years ago.

Don't miss your chance to vote on your favorite holiday decorated Hoof Print horses.  The deadline is at midnight on December 16th.

If you haven't had the opportunity to venture around the city and see these amazing Hoof Prints horses, you should take some time and make it a family fun day.   It would be a great way to make memories and take some beautiful pictures.

The Hoof Prints Horses is an art display found all over Amarillo. The art project began in 2002 and continues to grow every year.   It is a way for the city to celebrate the history and spirit of the American Quarter Horse.

All the Pretty Horses of Amarillo's Hoof Print Project: DOWNTOWN

The Hoof Print project was started in 2002 by the non-profit organization Center City as a way to beautify the city and raise funds.

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