The weirdest yet quite humorous thing just happened.  One of my co-workers just came into my office and handed me a shoe box.  She said look what my daughter won?  I was thinking, oh look cute flip flops, then the boxed chirped.

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I looked at my co-worker and said, "did that box just chirp?"  I then noticed the holes on top and opened the box to see a live chick. Yes, a live CHICK!  The conversation went like this:

"Your daughter won this?", I said

"Yes," my co-worker said

"From school?", I asked

"From school," she shook her head.

So my thoughts were, really, a school gives away live animals to their students?  Apparently so.  Anyway,  here she is with a chick.  The chick is here today so she can keep an eye on it.  It's just a cute baby chick.

So I helped her get a bigger box set up.  We got it some water, got it set up with food.  Made it a cuddly bed.  The hay or whatever you put in a box with a chicken will have to come later this afternoon.

So my question is, how do you take care of a baby chick?  This thing will turn into a big chicken.

I know that some people keep chickens as pets, I have seen "Friends" but how do you domesticate the chicken?

Do you have any advice for my co-worker on how to raise this chicken?  Or where to take the chicken so it can be raised by people who know how to raise a chicken?