It seems we all want to find the fountain of youth. Right? Or at least live a long, healthier life? Does that sound like you?

What if I told you that could be a thing? There is a new study that says that yes, this could be a possibility.

You could avoid diseases that come with old age, including cancer and heart disease, by the use of young people's blood.

The researchers found that when people over 35 were injected with plasma from teenagers' blood, there was a real improvement in their biomarkers for diseases.

When they did the tests on older animals' it showed that their brains got sharper when they were injected with younger blood.

So is this something that will help us all stay young in the future? Will we be able to maybe even drink a younger person's blood? The jury is still out on this. Would you try something like this if it meant a longer healthier life? Comment below.

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