I left the radio station yesterday and had to make a stop at Walgreens on Georgia to pick up a prescription. I looked at my gas gage and saw I had 130 miles until empty. Since I would be right by Market Street I would stop and get gas. Why not?

I am not someone who likes to let my gas get anywhere near empty. Kind of my Type A personality shining through. I am also a creature of habit. There are places I will go and places I refuse to go for gas personally. So Market Street is always my go to.

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I love the convenience since it is basically in my neighborhood and since I do a lot of my grocery shopping there too I get the rewards. Last time I went to fill up my daughter's car. She was heading back home the Sunday after New Year's, I saved forty cents per gallon.

So I drove by on my way to Walgreens when I noticed construction happening. I couldn't tell if they were closed or not, at that point due to the traffic.  So as I headed over to check it out I did see the sign.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They are closed for construction. There is a chain link fence and orange cones all around it. So yes, they are closed for the time being. This is where I am thrilled that I still have about 125 miles until empty. I need to find a back up place to go get gas until Market Street's gas pumps open back up.

I reached out to Store Director, Matt Edwards to find out what exactly was going on and a timeline. He said:

The nature of the work includes replacing sump containers, fill tubes, piping and underground dispenser containers.  This work is necessary to ensure we maintain a safe fueling environment.  We will also use the down time to put in some piping needed to eventually convert  a tank to diesel fuel.    Due to the nature of the work we will not be about to sell fuel or inside merchandise during the 5 week project.  So hopefully we will be open in 4 weeks.  Our United Express team members have been temporarily absorbed into the store during this time period.

If you also go there a lot to fill up I want to make sure you know so you are not disappointed like I was. I will be anxiously waiting for them to reopen. When I mentioned I needed a new go to place for gas Matt reminded me that The United on Washington is just 2.1 miles away and that the United on West Amarillo Blvd and Gem Lake is 2.7 miles. See Matt is solving all of my problems.

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