So it's no secret that a lot of us have trouble falling asleep. I'm guilty. How about you? Would it help if someone cradled you and sang "Rock-a-Bye Baby"?

What about just hearing the song? A lullaby may be the secret to your good night sleep. The best thing is to try listening to a lullaby. It really works. So much that someone's made a lullaby version of pretty much every popular song, and you can find them on Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere else you listen to music.

You can find lullaby versions of Prince songs, or Taylor Swift songs, or a ton of others.

Babies have really mastered the art of relaxation....don't you think? When they drift off to sleep, they're cozy and relaxed in their cribs, listening to the soothing music coming from a speaker.

What do we do when we go to sleep? Scroll through Facebook, Twitter and that doesn't help. We need some soothing music. Try it!


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