We are told time and time again to drink water. How good it is to flush out our system. It also is good for helping us feel full.

We a lot of time think we are hungry but we are actually dehydrated.

So water to the rescue. I drink a lot of water. I have a water dispenser at my house. I also have 4 of the 5 gallon water jugs that I pretty much keep full at all time. I never want to run out of water.

There are times though that I want something that has a little flavor to it. I don't want to have anything that is carbonated or even has any sugar or calories in it. I want to find something that just makes my water taste better.

I found a couple products that do just that. I have introduced them to some of my co-workers who also are trying to drink more water.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This stuff is great. I mean you add a packet to your water and no added calories or sugar. It is just dehydrated fruit. They have it in True Grapefruit, True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange. It is perfect to bring with to restaurants to add lemon to your water without that lemon wedge being in your water. They sell it at Wal-mart and Amazon.

Then there is this.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

If you want something besides just the same ol' fruit taste. I found this at Drug Emporium. They may sell it other places in Amarillo too. Just the only place I have found so far. I have these two flavors. They have a ton more. A co-worker got the blueberry pomegranate. It is pretty good too. It takes about 5-6 drops per bottle of water. So this product will last forever.

So if you are wanting to drink more water there are ways to do just that. Ways that will help you maintain your weight loss goals without the added sugar and calories. Oh and they taste darn good.

Have you tried either of these? Or is there something else that has helped you drink more water? Comment below.