Our lives are simply busy. Between work, kids, and all of our responsibilities there is just not enough time in the day. This may be true but make time to eat with your family.

It is great for everyone. The sit-down family dinner gives us the perfect opportunity to unplug, unwind and catch up with the family. Yes, it is the food that brings us together but it does so much more than fill us up.

Sitting down for meals reinforces family bonds and keeps family members connected bite after bite.

Establishing a mealtime ritual provides your family time to communicate and grow. Dinner conversations help young children increase their vocabulary. Studies have shown that kids who create close bonds with their family during sit-down dinners are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors during their teenage years.

It doesn't have to exclusively be dinner time. The time of day isn't what is important. So if you only have the time to eat as a family at breakfast or lunch, that is ok too. It is time together that is important.

The lesson here is don't just show up to eat. Create meaningful conversations with your family!

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