I will say our variety of food trucks is pretty amazing. We have a little bit of everything. You want pizza? No problem. Cheesecake? We have that. You name it you can find it.

The only problem can be the fact that we can not always find the locations of food trucks. The fact that they are mobile means that, well, they can go anywhere. That is both good and bad.

I mean what do you do if you have a craving for street tacos and you have no idea where to find your favorite place? There is a local Facebook page for food trucks but that may not always be up to date.

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So you may drive to where you think they may be just to be disappointed. You then leave hungry. Nobody wants that.

So  this is where a student jumped on our Amarillo Food Trucks page with a project that his class at Amarillo College is working on and hopefully a fix to this problem:

Hey, my name is Timothy. I’m currently enrolled in a web development class at Amarillo College. Our group project is compiling a list of CURRENT FOOD TRUCK VENDORS in our community. The question we are attempting to solve is when and where food trucks are for Amarilloans not on social media. Solution: we are building a website that helps customers find food trucks!

What a great idea. What a great service for the community. They can help us, the hungry, find those that can feed us. Wow. They are in the early planning stages and need information. So if you own a food truck help them out. Hey if you have a favorite food truck here in Amarillo share this information with them.

There is a simple Google Doc that can be filled out HERE. Or you can email Timothy directly at tpmoney22@amarillocollege.com

I am glad that someone is finally helping to connect the customers with the food trucks here in Amarillo. This really is a win for everyone.

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