We all enjoy being part of a trend. Well, most of the time and that doesn't mean it's a good trend. In the last 24 hours, I've noticed some really irritating things, people are doing on their posts. And, they have to stop. Right now.

1. "I'll Bet No One Will Share This." You have just ensured a 99% chance of me not sharing it. Don't dare people to do or not do something. It's like wrestling a pig. Everyone gets muddy and the pig doesn't like it.

2. "Facebook is scrubbing this picture off." Really? Then why am I seeing it. If FB decides to remove a picture, nobody will see it.

3. "If you don't like my posts, unfriend me." Okay. Done. Don't send me another friend request.

4. "Can this (dog, veteran, person) get one like?" It got a like from me, eight years ago, when it first went viral.

5. "Share if you hate/like (zombies, nazis, Philadelphia Eagles, Milli Vanilli...ect.) When i die, the decision of whether I go to heaven or hell, is not dependent on what I share on FB.

Keep sharing your pics of dogs, kids, cats, and what you're eating. Just don't dare all your friends to share it. Good luck and good Facebook.

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