Your Facebook year end video is waiting for you, if you haven't seen it yet. It appears everyone got their video at the same time, as you can scroll and scroll and see hundreds of them.

I saw mine last night. The video is a collection of pictures, that I have used over the year. So, some of them are really a couple of years old, and it's nice to see them again. My kids are grown and gone, so it's great to see their pictures come up. I always have time for that.

After being at one station for almost 20 years, I moved to another company. My awesome new co-workers show up in a lot of pics I took last year. There are lots of pet pics, and pics of a couple of people, who we lost last year.

If you don't like the pictures that show up in your video, you can change them! I left mine, as is, because it was picture perfect. I've watched many of my friend's videos, because it's nice to see something than politics, or personal drama, on Facebook.

Your video should be waiting for you. If it's something I need to watch, email, or call me. I love seeing pictures of your family, kids and pets.

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