I had a dentist appointment this morning.  As I'm driving, I'm thinking why are so many people afraid of going to the dentist?  I'm not afraid of the dentist.  Even my 6-year old likes his visit to the dentist (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the toy he gets to choose at the end).


So where did the dentist get the bad name.  I went in this morning, they scrapped my teeth, flossed, polished, we had pleasant conversation in between, and the dentist came in to examine my mouth, got my goody bag of teeth stuff, and  I was sent on my way. In and out in 45 minutes.

Now, I do take care of my teeth, I brush daily, I floss (not as much as I should), and occasionally I have gum problems, but not lately.

So what is it that sets the fear inside people about going to the dentist?

I have random teeth pain sometimes, and think man, I hope I don't have a cavity growing. However, at my visit  every 6 months, I'm clear.

It could be a random phobia for some.  I know for myself I suffer from needle phobia.  I will have a panic attack if someone tries to give me a shot.  I pass out every time I have to get my blood drawn unless I am laying down.  I see a needle I turn white and start breathing heavy.  It is weird but it exists.  So I wonder if that is how some people feel about the dentist?

Are you terrified of going to the dentist?