So this year has been crazy for sports. We are just now finished up basketball that got suspended back in March.
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My daughter had tickets that ended up getting refunded. Crazy. Football started a little later than usual. They just now got to where some could have fans. I had a roommate who got to see Dallas play last weekend. I cringed as I watched Dak get his ankle injury on Sunday. So bad.
Oh and baseball. They have had my heart since I first walked in to Comiskey Park back in 1985. Back when I made the area my home. I remember how green the grass looked as opposed to what I saw on TV. I was hooked. Living in Chicago and then moving to Canyon took away my Major League Baseball team in my backyard. It did not take away my love for the game.
So here we are in 2020 and down to the final four in baseball....oh and the Yankees aren’t there! We are down to the Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves.
I am so for the Braves. I’m tired of losing to the Dodgers. Braves have not made it this far since 2001. Back when we had Maddux, Glavin and Smoltz. Our strong pitching staff of the nineties.
Here we are. I would love to see it Houston and Atlanta to get more interest here in the 806. Still my heart goes to Atlanta. Game one was last night in a best of 7 series. Atlanta struck first with a 5-1 victory. The Astros are down 2-0. So they better get to winning.

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