We have been asked this question several times in the last few weeks, "Why can't I pick up Mix 94.1".  A lot of people in the outlying areas of Amarillo are having trouble picking up Mix 94.1.  Here's the reason why you can't hear the station.

plate on air isolated on a black

As you know a few weeks ago, multiple wildfires struck the Texas Panhandle.  Our transmitter is located in North Amarillo, where one of the wildfires burned.  The wildfires did come close to our tower and transmitter building.  Luckily, the building nor the tower were destroyed.  However, with the fire and wind, the soot and the dirt from the fire did get into our transmitter and destroyed it.

A transmitter is neither easy nor cheap to fix.  We are in the process of having the proper crews come in and fix our transmitter.

In the meantime, we are on a backup transmitter and because of that, our signal doesn't go as far as we would like.  We have a 100,000 watt transmitter, and since we only have 20% power at this time we are only putting out about 20,000 watts.

So in a nut shell that is why you cannot get Mix 94.1 clear in certain buildings and that's why you cannot pick up the station in outlying areas.

So please be patient with us and don't forget you can always listen online.

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