Amarillo has been all a buzz about the sightings of Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently. People have spotted them at The Barfield here in Amarillo. Now you can actually hang out with them and maybe get paid for it.

I Want to See My Name on Screen

Maybe you have always dreamed of trying your hand at acting. I mean now is your chance. They are still filming the Yellowstone Prequel called 1883. They are even looking for extras to be a part of the filming process. They have an open casting call online to help with the process.

This Could Be Your Big Break

All you have to do is fill out a form on THIS SITE. Fill out your information. Attach a couple photos of yourself. After that see what they are casting for currently. If you are looking to be an extra on 1883 look for the listings in Guthrie, TX. Which is the location of the 6666 Ranch where they are filming.

I just signed up because I wanted to see the process. Heck, maybe this is where it all starts for me. From what I was told the openings for what they are looking for changes. So if you don't actually qualify right now I would keep checking.

Currently they are looking to fill these roles:

  • 6'2 African American Male Stand IN

  • Boys ( Ages 10-15)

  • Pioneers/Traders

So there are roles out there. Oh and they will even pay you. Plus you may get to end up hanging with Sam, Tim and Faith. I feel that would be a win as well.

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