It's hard to believe that National Relaxation Day could possibly fall on the First Day of School here in Amarillo and Canyon.

How can a parent relax as they are frantically trying to get those first day of school pictures and not cry? Right?

Here are some tips to maybe help you keep your cool and relax a bit today. Take a moment and close your eyes and try to think pleasant least just for a bit.

Take in some smells that make you happy. I have a candle at my desk that smells like suntan lotion....that relaxes me on a stressful day.

If you have a moment...try to get some exercise in....if even for a will help relax you.

Get on YouTube and try to find a video to make you laugh. That laughter will help you relax.

If you can you should try to find a place to spend some time completely alone....even if it is a few minutes hiding from the kids behind the bathroom door.

They do say that your dog is your best spend time with him! You can go for a walk or just play just a bit!

The first day of school can be tough for parents.....hurrying to make breakfast, their lunch, getting them up and out the door.....but do try to find a moment or two to relax. What is your favorite thing to do to relax? Comment Below.


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