When getting your Christmas shopping done in Amarillo this season, you have to always keep in mind, your safety, the safety of those around you and keeping your car in one piece.

AAA Texas has some great suggestions when it comes to staying safe while in parking lots.

“Stay focused, pay attention and be aware of all the hazards in crowded parking lots this holiday season,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “A moment of distraction or poor judgment by shoppers in a rush can lead to unfortunate situations during what should be a festive time of year.”

To avoid crashes in parking lots, always be aware of your surroundings and be alert to those around you.  Don't text while driving through the parking lot, or as AAA calls it intexticated.

Drive slowly and follow the traffic signs.  I know when we are driving through a parking lot we always want to cut through and take shortcuts but avoiding doing that during the busy shopping season will keep you safe.

Always keep a look out for those people walking down the aisles or walking behind you when you are trying to back out.  Speaking of backing out, think of how often you are driving down the aisles in the parking lot of Westgate Mall or Walmart and someone just comes backing out.  A lot of times they cannot see you or thought they had a clear path.  Yes, you have the right of way, but when it comes to your car being smashed, always stay alert.  Who knows you might even get a great parking spot because of it.

Most important keep aware of children that might have gotten away from Mom or Dad and are running through the parking lot, the same for pets.

These are just a few reminders on how to avoid crashes in parking lots while you are shopping this holiday season.

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