I, on occasion, enjoy a taco. It is the crunchy goodness that just makes them perfect. However, that same crunchy goodness is the same thing that makes them on the messy side. With that said,  I was recently introduced to a new way to make a taco.

I just may be out of the whole taco loop and this may be a way that has been around forever, but I was introduced to the pure genius way to cook a taco.

Each week I attend a life group and part of that is having dinner. Last night our leader Roland did the cooking. I walked into the kitchen to say and hi and saw an interesting sight.

He was putting raw hamburger meat on a corn tortilla. I was like what are you doing. He was making tacos.

Uh, you cook the meat before you put it in the taco shell.

Most of the time you brown your ground beef and then pile it into your taco shell. Well he eliminated a step.

You put the meat on a corn tortilla and then put it in some hot grease and fry it. Once the tortilla gets soft you flip if over the meat let it cook for awhile and voila, your taco is done.

Throw your toppings on it and go to town.

A fried taco. Who would have thought.

Not the most healthy thing in the world but mighty tasty.

So the next time you think to make tacos, try it this way and skip and entire step.

I wish I would have snapped a picture but who are we kidding, I was to excited about eating the thing.