We always wish we knew when we were going to lose a favorite restaurant of ours. Just to have the opportunity to go one more last time. Right? How many times do we miss out on that one last time?

That is where It's a Punjabi Affair steps in to help. Now before you freak out they are not closing for good. They are warning you that they will be closed for a while. So here is your warning. They will close on Tuesday until further notice.

Here is their announcement:

Okay here we go. It’s a Punjabi Affair will be CLOSED for some time starting Tuesday February 15th 2022.
So let’s Hurry and grab some Curry.
Call us at 806-414-2114 or
Come see us at 4201 Bushland Blvd, Amarillo, TX or Order Online

Why Are They Closing?

When reading all the comments on Facebook they never really said what was the reasoning behind having to close. The good news is that they did say that everything was ok.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

So at least that is some good news. We just don't have any idea how long they are going to be closed. They did say they would keep everyone updated on their Facebook page.

So the race is on. You have a few days to get by and get some great Indian food. It's great that Amarillo has a very diverse selection of places to try. While they are closed you will still have Indian Oven over on Paramount.

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