My daughter was born back in 1996 so she grew up watching shows like Teletubbies, Zaboomafoo and of course Blues Clues.

We loved watching Blues Clues together. We loved Steve and of course Blue. We watched and owned a lot of their video specials too. They held a special place in our heart. We had our handy dandy notebook of course. We loved to solve the problem.

So fast forward to this weekend when I had a realization. I was literally today years old when I figured this out. Nickelodeon is now showing Young Sheldon on their Nick at Night program.

I love that show too. I always have. I don't even know what brought me to look this up. OK, a little bit I do know. I couldn't figure out all of the lyrics to the theme song. So I googled them:

(Mighty Little Man by Steve Burns:)

Nobody else is stronger than I am. Yesterday I moved a mountain. I bet I could be your hero. I am a mighty little man. I am a mighty little man.

When I looked them up I saw that the singer was Steve Burns. Wait? What? I had to make sure that this was in fact the same Steve Burns, who was the original host of Blues Clues. The same Steve who helped Blue solve the problems with the handy dandy notebook.

Holy heck! It is! He and his band sings the theme song to Young Sheldon. What? Really? So crazy!

So I had to text Faith to let her know too. So crazy. I also told her that one of the reasons Steve left Blues Clues was because of getting older. There were hoaxes saying he died. He did not. He left because basically he was getting older and losing his hair. That is all. But we can still hear him every Thursday night (new episodes) on CBS or every night on Nickelodeon.

I am still in disbelief but I followed the clues and I think I just solved the best Blues Clues puzzle of all time. Yes, that song is sung by Steve from Blues Clues. My mind is blown,

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