So who doesn’t love a great deal? I mean I love one.

I think that is why I do most of my grocery shopping at Market Street United. Not only do I get the groceries I need. I also get added perks.

So for every $100 you spend you end up getting reward points that I usually use toward gas. There are also items through the store you can get for free using your points.

I got gas over the weekend and look how much I spent using my points.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I had enough points to save $1.00 per gallon. That was sweet. Paying $1.31 per gallon? I was brought back to the early 90's it seemed. I was OK with it.
Now they are not only giving points but e-stickers to get KitchenAid cookware now too. Cheap gas and cookware?

Yep! You collect those e-stickers to collect all the pots, pans and even a wok that you may need.

Last time they did this promotion I saved up for the Wok. Let me tell you how that is my favorite piece. I noticed I need a 4 qt pot. The pots I have now I don't have that size.

I know I could go out and buy that pot. I get that. I, though will be spending money on groceries anyway. So why not get a bonus out of it. So that is what I am saving for. So I need to get to shopping...

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Oh and I already have another reward to get ten cents off of gas.This is a win win situation.