It really has been a long time coming. Oh and for the poor folks at the Pak-A-Sak on Bell it really has been overdue.

Back on September 9th they had a fire. It caused about $700,000 worth of damage. Oh and the news was they were going to have to rebuild. That was a stopping place for many here in Amarillo.

credit: Google Maps

My daughter had moved in right next door in the apartments there and that was her go to when she needed gas. She was always one to push her luck on E. Luckily she had that safety net right next door.

But alas it has been closed since September. They started the rebuilding process and then another round of bad luck. The wind storms in March.

Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo

That caused more damage. The frame they were in the early process of building. Yep, toast too. So that pushed back reopening even further.

Then this morning came and I woke up to this glorious news! Check it out here!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The Pak-A-Sak at 6320 Bell Street is ready to open and soon! How about Monday, July 1st! I know a lot of people in Amarillo will be ready.