Football season is a wonderful time of year. The only problem is knowing that watching football tends to come with a lot of calories.

It doesn't matter if you're at home, tailgating, or at a bar there's always food.  And it's usually not healthy food.

So according to a CNN story  here are a few tips that can make your football-watching experience a bit on the healthier side. .

  1. If you eat something healthy before the game starts you won't want to eat as much junk DURING the game. Also if you make sure you have healthy options available during the game that is good too.
  1. This sounds weird but wear a belt. It will help you feel full faster, so maybe you won't eat as much.  Skinny jeans are another option.
  1. If you take the time to alternate between beer and water that will help cut calories. It will also keep you feeling full and keep you hydrated.  Obviously light beers tend to have the fewest calories.
  1. If you're with friends you need to try to keep the conversation going. If you do the  more you talk, the more distracted you'll be, and the less you will eat.
  1. When it is time for halftime. You need to get moving. You can go for a walk , or get outside and throw the football around. You will burn a few calories and get some exercise as well.  Plus, it keeps you away from the food and drinks for a while.

So yes it is football season and there will be a lot of food and sitting to watch the game but you can make an effort to not pack on any extra weight this season.

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