So the old song goes "Have you ever seen a hearse go by and know someday that you're gonna die?" Well yes, that is one of the things we are guaranteed. You know good old death and taxes.

Neither one of them is much fun but they both will and do happen. So when you are driving down a street in Amarillo and you see a funeral procession. You know it happens. Quite a lot.

I am usually driving down 34th when I encounter one.

So What Do You Do When a Funeral Procession is Driving By?

There are so many rules and laws when you are on the road. That is why you have to take a test to drive. That is why you have to learn the laws. I will be the first to admit I never took driver's ed. That is a whole other story.

So the first time I was driving down the street and I saw that hearse followed by a car I had no idea what was going on. I assume they teach that in driver's ed. I am not even sure.

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The first thing I did when I saw this was made the sign of the cross. I am a good Catholic girl after all. Then I watched everyone else to see what I should do. I really didn't know.

As everyone else was pulling over I knew what to do. Follow suit. Pull over. Then I had to look into it and see if this is a law.

Processions do have the right of way. Even if they are traveling through an intersection. So yes, pulling over was the right thing to do. I am glad that was what I did.

I was able to avoid a few things. I didn't cause an accident. Which is something serious that can happen. There is always the issue of getting pulled over. Breaking a law like that could and would get you pulled over.

Police don't take to kindly to people who don't like to follow the law. So a ticket could be in your future. So when you come upon a funeral procession do the right thing and pull over. You can even make the sign of the cross like I do, but that is up to you.

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