Labor Day Weekend is a time to relax, have fun, BBQ or just hang out.  However, for me I guess, it's one of those weekends where you impulse buy.


I'm not a big impulse buyer, I'm usually on a strict budget however, this seemed like one of those buys that you don't pass up.

Over the weekend, we were grocery shopping at Walmart and I just wanted about 10 green chiles for a dish I was making.  Well apparently we are at the end of chile season and just buying a few wasn't an option, the only thing they had were cases.  Here's the kicker, the case of chiles was only $5.  Yes, $5 for a case of chile.  Josh looked at me and said, "Do we really need a case of chile."  I said, "No, not really, let's finish shopping, and stew on it a bit."

Well at the end of the shopping trip we walked back by the chiles and I just put them on top of the cart.

My impulse buy for the weekend.

Photo Credit: Lori Crofford

So at 8am on Sunday morning, I was standing in front of my grill roasting green chile.  I roasted half the case, I thought I had roasted most of it, but not so much, I still had half a case left.

Photo Credit: Josh Taylor

So after roasting half a case of chile, I ended up with 11 quart bags of roasted chile, and 10 bags of whole chiles. I think we are set for the next 6 month with chile.

My next chile project, making enchilada sauce.

What is one of your strangest impulse buys?