So I thought I would be interesting to pull up my camera roll on my phone to see the last 5 pictures that I took or someone else took on my phone.  Check them out here.

My friend Jess swears this is the natural remedy for the flu and to prevent the flu.  I took a picture of it so I could research it.  BTW, it doesn't taste very good.

I know gross, right?  This is one of the many sacrifices that my cat has left me since we have had him.   Poor bird.  I told him that morning to fly away because my cat would get him but he didn't listen.

Apparently, I some how accidentally took a screenshot of my games.  So now you know what I spend my free time doing.

This is the cake I made for E's birthday.

This is apparently the picture E took after he cleaned all the cake off Hulk.


So check your phone out and see what the last 5 pictures you took are and feel free to share them with us.  I got a giggle out of mine.