You don't sit there and dream of all the holiday cooking and then dream of healthy options, do you? I mean we just know there will be nothing that has any redeeming qualities when it comes to healthy options on our tables.

Or do we? I mean we can make healthy things without everyone know they are a little bit on the healthy side. That is the beauty of it all. Let's not have a spread of just fruits and vegetables. Uncle Eddie may just lose it and he wouldn't be wrong.

How can we make our desserts a little more on the health side?

Would you be willing to take a fun class? I mean you can take it by yourself or you and your gal pals can hang out and learn this together. Amarillo Parks and Recreation is making this a reality. You can be the hero this holiday season.

What kind of "healthy" food will I be learning to make?

The classes they offer will be teaching you how to make crumble cake and fudge. Yes, healthier versions of both. They will teach you to make a fabulous but also healthier version of chocolate cake. Yes, please. Don't think they will leave out the pumpkin pie. They will help you on that too.

What are the details? What? When? I need to know.

Nov. 18th (5:30PM) & 19th (10:30AM) Crumble Cake and Fudge
Dec. 9th (5:30PM) & 10th (10:30AM) Chocolate Cake
Dec. 16th (5:30PM) & 17th (10:30AM) Pumpkin Pie

The classes will be held at the Warford Activity Center - 1330 NW 18th Ave in Amarillo. They will only cost you $3 per class. So this is SO doable.

In the class you will get the full list of ingredients. You will also get a walk through on how to make each dessert. Oh and you will get to sample the finished product. So this way you will know just how wonderful everything actually tastes. There will be no surprises at dinner.

For more information, contact Warford staff today at (806) 803-9785.

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