I have never had Spam that I remember. So when I heard that Pumpkin Spam was really going to be a thing this year I felt I needed to.

Then the day it went on sale I forgot to go online to buy. I even had a reminder on my calendar. That is how bad I wanted to try it. Well who would have guessed that it would sell out. What? No way! Pumpkin Spam was a hit. At least in sales but how does it taste?

I was going to find out. So I took to eBay and found it on sale. The cheapest I could find was a can for $19.99. Yep. One can. But you can't find it anywhere else....so I coughed up the money.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I figured I was going to make a challenge out of it....since I have never had Spam. How could I go wrong?

So how was my experience? Well luckily I recorded it for you. You're welcome!

So after all is said and done. The pumpkin really wasn't all that bad. Jalapeno I would say also is not bad. The regular Spam? Not a fan. It is way too salty tasting. What do you think about Spam? Do you have a favorite? Would you try the Pumpkin Spam? Comment below.


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