It seems our days are packed with more and more to do. From work responsibilities to home we are jammed packed with stuff to do.

Do you seem to feel like you never have any "me time"? This really is a a growing problem. We need to find a way to decompress. It seems the only time you get time to yourself is when you are in the bathroom.

Which I find to not necessarily be true either. My dogs sure like to follow me even there.Your kiddos may do that too.

What really is getting in our way when it comes to having time to yourself? Well I already mentioned work and family. Those are some no brainers that take up a lot of our time.

Work, kids and significant other are the ones that take up most of our time. We only really get a total of 43 minutes a day to ourselves. That is a total of about 5 hours a week. That just is not enough time at all.

We need to as a whole find a way to get more time. It really is best for us to recharge and refresh which is really important. If we can get the kids to bed a little earlier and sneak away for a bubble bath that will really help our case.

If that doesn't seem to work how about dropping the kiddos off to school or daycare a few minutes earlier so you can decompress in the car. It doesn't matter how you get that extra time. It is just important that you do.

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