Growing up we are told many things. Some are stuff our parent's say to help us. Dangers they try to help us avoid.

Some are just silly. I was told if I swallowed a watermelon seed on would grow in my stomach. Why would I ever believe that? Oh, but I did.

Some are things that make sense that we hear over the years. Still it doesn't make them true. Let's try to debunk some things that are probably not true.

Did you hear that adding salt to water would make it boil faster? I know I did. So when I would make spaghetti I always through a pinch of salt in the water so the noodles would finish faster. Is it true? Well apparently it takes the water loner to boil with salt. I mean it's not a huge difference so I bet you never even noticed.

Did you mom or grandma try to get you to stop cracking your knuckles? Did you hear you would get arthritis if you didn't? Well it doesn't matter because scientists haven't found a link!

What about those juice cleanses. They have to be good for you. They do? Or do they? Well it turns out that there is no solid proof that they "detoxify" anything. Apparently that is what your liver and kidneys are for!

You may thing that your appendix is useless. That is another thing we believe. For years even scientists agreed. Years later, though, they think it's home to some helpful bacteria that help to fight off some diseases. As kids, it also helps us form antibodies and white blood cells.

Do you remember hearing any other myths that over the years you have come to find out are not true? Comment below!

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