This is one of those stories that I can whole heartily stand behind. When that alarm goes off in the morning. Do you wake up to a blaring noise? Or to music?

Did you know that it really is better for you to wake up listening to the beautiful sound of music? Of course there is science behind this. Studies have been done!

When you wake up to music instead of that alarm on your phone it can actually get you out of bed faster. Another good thing is it will help you feel less sluggish and even more alert.

Who would have known that music was the answer all these years. Now this finding is especially true if you wake up to a song with a catchy and upbeat sound. So a song that makes you happy in the morning is a good go-to song.

Why do you think music is the answer? According to research they believe that it is because the melodies do a better job at holding our attention than does a blaring sound. It also happens to sound a lot better. Music helps to get your brain going too.

So now is a good time to tell you that you can wake up to Mix 94.1. Our app is free and has a great alarm clock feature. You can wake up to our music any day! That will get your brain and day going in the right direction!


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