My daughter grew up in the age of Blues Clues, Barney and oh yeah the Teletubbies. Help me because of the last one especially.

Blues Clues was awesome. I enjoyed watching that one. Let's face it I haven't watched kids shows in an awful long time. But now I am on a mission. To learn all I can about Paw Patrol.

I need to look like I have been watching them for years. My coolness status depends on it! I have the honor of being up on stage before Friday's opening show. More importantly with that I got 4 free tickets. So I am taking one of my bestie's, her husband, and their 6 year old son.

I don't want Ashtin to think I don't know who they are. Come on! I'm the one who got him to meet Rampage, the Amarillo Bulls Mascot. So I want to maintain that level of coolness.

Oh, did I mention I get to bring them backstage after the show to meet Paw Patrol. I mean yes that is cool too. But if I don't know the difference in (OK....let me look this up real fast)....Marshall, Rocky and Ryder. To name a will that look?

Oh and I owe his mom this cool evening for her son. Why? When Faith was growing up she went with us to all the Disney on Ice, Wizard of Oz on Ice, Circus's and even rode the Elephant with her. So it's my turn.

I will learn what I can in the next couple days about Paw Patrol. I may even write some notes on my hand....just to make sure. All I know is if I mess up....I feel going back stage and meeting them will make him forget. I hope!

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