You are leaving work after a long day. You want to grab a drink with friends. You don't want a huge meal because you still have to go home and have dinner with the family.

Or maybe you want to grab a snack and drink before you head out for date night. We have the perfect place for you to try. It's called Sa Vor and it is the only Tapas bar here in Amarillo.

A Tapas Bar in Amarillo

What actually is a Tapas Bar? I had to look it up just to make sure. I mean I have never been to one. It's a place to hang out and grab a drink or two. They also have a great menu of appetizers. So you can hang out and share some apps and a few drinks.

credit: Rory Schepisi

Sa Vor is the newest place opened by Rory Schepisi. Rory has opened a few places in the area and has had success. She had Boot Hill back in the day out in Vega. I had visited there a time or two.

Rory Schepisi is a name we know

She also has opened up Drunken Oyster. So she knows her food and her way of running a place.

Sa Vor has had a few open nights for training and getting ready for the grand opening. They are located at 7669 Hillside Rd and are ready to become you favorite new local place.

credit; Rory Schepisi
credit: Rory Schepisi

So if you want a new place in Amarillo to try. Sa Vor may become your go-to place. You can check them out and their food on their Facebook page HERE.

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