If you look back to the past month. Let's start at Thanksgiving and think through New Years Day.

Think of all the food you ate. You tried to do decent. Sometimes it is tough. We all understand that. There were way too many foods you shouldn't have had. But they were just so good! Correct?

Think back and honestly answer these questions. Did you eat too much sugar? All those Christmas cookies? Yes, I will admit I was guilty too. They were a gift so you feel bad not sampling.

One day of inhaling sweets really wouldn't hurt you too much. Let's be honest with ourselves though. Was it only one day? Or did we keep justifying it almost every day or so.

The best thing you can do after all the over-indulging in sugary foods is to get to moving. Now you don't have to start big....just a brisk walk every day will start diminishing the effects of all that dang sugar. Of course the more sweets you ate, the longer you should walk! Don't be afraid to get to moving.

Sugar is not the only culprit this holiday season. How about all the salt? We know that too much sodium can cause bloating and make our heart work harder than it needs to. That can really be a problem.

So if you happened to overdo it in that category too you can just drink more water than usual. Also, though, make sure you cut down on your sodium otherwise this will be an ongoing problem.

So just by cutting down on your sugar and salt and increasing your water intake....I can see 2019 already looking up for us!

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