We all know that we need to limit our intake of salt. Too much salt wreaks havoc on our blood pressure as well as other things.

What can you do though if you have a diet higher than wanted in salt? Well you can increase your cheese consumption. Yes, this sounds too good to be true but there was a study.

Research was done out of Penn State University and they found that if you eat a lot of salt the best way to keep your heart healthy is by also eating a lot of cheese. That doesn't sound like a bad compromise.

According to the study when people ate a diet full of salt and then ate four servings of cheese it actually made their blood vessels stronger. That also lowers your chance of having heart problems. So look cheese is the answer here.

Oh, but of course there has to always be a downside. According to the survey in the end the people who ate little salt and didn't eat much cheese actually were the healthiest. So there is that.

So I guess the good takeaway is that if  you are going to eat a lot of salt anyway you better make sure you keep the cheese handy too.....because it will help.




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