As we get older things start to hurt. They just do. Whether it is our muscles, our backs, our necks or even our whole bodies. It is a thing.

It is such a thing that in a recent survey we have found out that 4 out of 5 adults have ended up having an issue with our back. There are so many factors that contribute to our pains.

Here are some things we need to work on and try to avoid so we can help our pains a little more.

Be aware when you are lifting something heavy or even moving a bunch of stuff. Move with your legs and not your back.

Did you know that sitting too much can help cause you pains in your back. So you need to work on getting up and moving every hour.

You can also hurt your back just by bending over.

If you can go out and buy a new mattress that can help your back a lot. A bad mattress is a major cause of pain.

Anything you do that exerts too much movement in your back that hurt you. That includes carrying groceries, driving or even walking up and down the stairs.

So be aware of what you are doing and how you are doing it. Help keep that back pain away.



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