Swearing is a part of life. You definitely need to know your surroundings in order to stay out of trouble. It may not sound very professional, but it happens. Swearing has become more and more acceptable though.

I remember growing up and watching a movie and cringing if I heard them say anything worse than 'darn; or 'heck'. You know what I mean, when you were watching movies with your parents and someone drops the 'F-bomb'. Yeah, you immediately went "UMMMMM".

You knew it was bad. Nowadays, it seems those same words hardly get any kind of notice. Does swearing have any positive outcomes? Surprisingly, it really does.

Swearing can help you tolerate a lot more pain. It doesn't make it any more enjoyable but you can get over the pain faster. What is the first thing you do when you stub your toe on the end of the bed? You probably say a few choice words and hope your kids are not around. Swearing helps to calm that pain down a lot quicker.

People who tend to swear also can end up to be a lot more honest. They are not the ones trying to hide their true self. So if you hear someone dropping a bad word in front of you, you can trust them a little more to be honest with you. I mean, they are not hiding that side of themselves.

Swearing is also a sign of intelligence. It's funny to think that because you heard  growing up that using those words made you look the opposite way. In reality, a few choice words can help you look smarter and even a little more creative.

So I do not recommend dropping the F bomb during your Monday morning meeting. That could be a sure fire way to get fired but don't be afraid if one slips out in a normal setting. You are in good company.

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