Aches and pains are a part of life. Especially as we get older. Anything can cause them from overexerting yourself at work or just sleeping wrong. Doing something nice for someone else can help.

A new study found that no good deed goes without helping your pain. I know that sounds weird but apparently it is true. Doing a good deed can actually work like a pain reliever.

The recent study asked the participants if donating to charity was something they would like to do. They gave their answer and right after their brains were scanned with and MRI machine. They also while being scanned were given a mild electric shock.

The nice people that said yes to the donation request ended up feeling less pain. There ended up being less activity in that portion of the brain that associates the feeling of pain.

Do you have chronic pain? It could even help with that. They did another "experiment" of sorts where they asked people with cancer to cook for other patients, when they did so their pain levels also seemed to drop immediately.

Why does this work? They are not 100% sure. It could have something to do with how we evolve. Apparently over the years we have learned to look out for each other. We also have started to make sacrifices for the greater good....not just for ourselves.

That action and choice in life leads us to get rewarded with a term they call "helper's high." That high helps to avoid some of the pain. So the nicer we are to other's the better we feel....on a spiritual level and we are a bit more on the pain free side. It is something to at least try.

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