Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. There is one thing you can do to help that to happen.


The best part is you don't have to go all wild and crazy. Do you think you have to exercise three times a week to ensure a better life? Well that is not necessarily true.

There was a new study that actually studied the medical records of over 88,000 Americans. They found that as little as 10 minutes of exercise a week could help you on that way to a longer life.

Just 10 minutes.

People who got up and moving for anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour of light to moderate exercise a week ended up having an 18% lower risk of an early death than those who didn't exercise at all.

So see just getting up and doing any kind of activity during the week helps.

Those who worked out at least 10 minutes also were 12% less likely to die from cardiovascular issues and 14% less likely to die of cancer.

Obviously the more exercise you get the more those numbers shoot up. But it just goes to show that any exercise is better than nothing. Just know that 10 minutes really is the bare minimum. Again, though, it is better than nothing.

If you can find a way to average about an hour of exercise a day then you will have a 33% lower chance of an early death. So here is to living long. Get up and exercise; even if you only have 10 minutes a day!



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